Deleted Scenes

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LEGO Island contains a substantial amount of content that's never used.

Deleted from all retail releases

  • The main Information Center room (LEGOMAIN.SI) contains animation where the Infomaniac turns and looks up to the screen and another where he turns back to the player. It's assumed this animation would be played before and after the character introduction movies.
  • Dialogue in the registration book scene (REGBOOK.SI) indicates the registration book used to be much more complex than it is in retail release.
  • At the beginning of the car race, an animation of a LEGO character waving a checkered flag, then jumping into the middle of the road and breaking up into pieces. It's unknown why this was never used, perhaps because the "LEGO pieces" would have gotten in the way of racing.

Deleted from v1.1

Some scenes were deleted or modified between the two known retail releases.

  • In v1.0 after signing in, the Infomaniac exclaims "Good job! Welcome to LEGO Island!" This line was cut in v1.1.