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* [https://github.com/itsmattkc/LEGOIslandRebuilder/releases/download/continuous/Rebuilder.exe Download LEGO Island Rebuilder]
* [https://github.com/itsmattkc/LEGOIslandRebuilder/releases/download/continuous/Rebuilder.exe Download LEGO Island Rebuilder]
* [https://github.com/itsmattkc/LEGOIslandRebuilder LEGO Island Rebuilder on GitHub]

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LEGO Island Rebuilder is a LEGO Island modification tool and the flagship project of this wiki. The documentation on this wiki can be seen primarily a side-effect of developing it.




  • Makes modifications without altering files permanently.
  • Adjust turning speed for better maneuverability on modern PCs.
  • Run LEGO Island in windowed mode without needing administrator privileges and editing the registry.
  • Redirect LEGO Island's save data to %APPDATA% so it can save games without needing administrator privileges.
  • Keep LEGO Island active even when it's unfocused (windowed mode only)
  • Music extraction and insertion
  • Change/uncap FPS limit

Upcoming Features

The following features are currently being researched for inclusion in LEGO Island Rebuilder:

  • Native high resolution
  • Field of view adjustment

System Requirements

LEGO Island Rebuilder is extremely lightweight and will run on any computer that can run LEGO Island that has Windows 98+ and .NET Framework 2.0+ installed.