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Mindscape was a video game developer and publisher that throughout its history had several parent companies and was based in several geographical locations. From 1995 to 1997, Mindscape developed LEGO Island, then under educational company Pearson plc and based in Novato, California.

In later years, Mindscape was sold to The Learning Company, and then French executive Jean-Pierre Nordman, at which point Mindscape moved to Boulogne-Billancourt, France. They continued to publish video games until 2011 when the company was dissolved.

LEGO Island

As LEGO began to feel threatened by the rapidly growing video game industry around the early to mid-1990s, they started to invest in LEGO-related video games. Mindscape was one of the first companies contracted to create licensed LEGO video games, the first of which was LEGO Island.

Development was notoriously tumultuous, largely due to toxic management "politics". Ultimately, LEGO decided to rescind the licensing rights from Mindscape after LEGO Island and Mindscape fired the entire team the day before release to dodge paying bonuses that were promised based on the game's success. A planned sequel/spinoff entitled "Beneath the Phanta-Sea" based on the same engine developed for LEGO Island was cancelled.


In 2011, Mindscape exited the gaming industry and was dissolved having been sold to various companies and moved to different countries over the years. Some regional branches continue to operate solely as game retailers with seemingly no relation to the original company besides the branding.

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